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Unemployment insurance is issued to Pennsylvania workers who have been let go from their jobs through no fault of their own. Unemployment benefits may be claimed by workers who meet eligibility requirements, and whose places of employment were participants in the program. Some small businesses are not required to keep unemployment insurance, so workers should make note of this before applying for unemployment insurance benefits.

Workers who file for unemployment in PA should realize that benefits are intended to only act as temporary assistance while they continue to search for new employment. Additionally, the Department of Labor requires that the PA resident who is applying agrees to follow the procedures and regulations while receiving benefits. Some of those unemployment benefit requirements include: searching for a set number of jobs within the month, taking job skills training, participating in community service or going back to school.

PA unemployment insurance coverage is not offered to every worker in Pennsylvania who loses his or her job. The state requires that the person making the claim must have worked at least six months at the job, and he or she is required to have made a certain amount of money during a given, set quarter. EDD unemployment award amounts are based on the salary received at the time of the job loss, and the highest quarters of earnings. Unemployment benefit amounts will be, at the most, $350 a month, and unlike many other government subsidies, they are not tied into the income levels of the applicants. Unemployment insurance coverage is only offered for an average of 13 weeks, though some extenuating circumstances can extend that to 20 weeks.

Program participants can receive their unemployment benefits in one of several ways throughout the state. Unemployment claims may be made biweekly in PA, and can be done online through the official Department of Labor and Industry website. This is the quickest way to receive unemployment benefits, but those who do not have access to computers can opt to call in their claims. The claims can only be made during certain hours and days, which are subject to change. To learn more about unemployment insurance in Pennsylvania, select from the topics below:

  • Eligibility for Unemployment in Pennsylvania
  • How to Apply for Unemployment in Pennsylvania
  • Unemployment Benefits Coverage and Duration in in Pennsylvania
  • Denial of Benefits in Pennsylvania
  • Unemployment Extension in Pennsylvania
Eligibility for Unemployment in Pennsylvania

Eligibility for unemployment in Pennsylvania begins with a registration process. In the state of PA, workers who lose their jobs through no fault of their own are eligible to apply for benefits. However, there are some requirements that each worker must meet. Unlike other government assistance programs, unemployment insurance eligibility is not based on a person’s income, or combined household income. In short, if the employer participated in the program, and the worker was employed full-time and made a certain level wage, then the worker is qualified to apply. Statistics show that many workers who would meet qualifications for unemployment in PA never apply for help, because they believe they would not meet the criteria, or they do not know how to apply for benefits. Read More

How to Apply for Unemployment in Pennsylvania

When wondering how to apply for unemployment online and where to sign up for unemployment in Pennsylvania, unemployed workers simply need to file an application, or they could even reopen any existing file for an unemployment claim. When applicants are ready to apply for unemployment benefits in Pennsylvania, they should review all of the available options, including how to apply for unemployment online, to determine the most convenient method. Read More

Unemployment Benefits Coverage and Duration in in Pennsylvania

In order to claim unemployment benefits in Pennsylvania, unemployment applicants must follow a specific process. There is no guarantee that an unemployment benefits claim will be accepted, but unemployment applicants can improve their odds of acceptance by following the application process carefully, and making sure that they are eligible before they apply for benefits. Read More

Denial of Benefits in Pennsylvania

“What can I do if unemployment denied my benefits request?” is a question asked by many unemployment applicants who are rejected from the government program. Wrongful termination appeals can be filed by unemployment applicants to prove that they lost their jobs for reasons that they did not cause, and are therefore eligible to receive unemployment compensation. Any applicants who are denied unemployment coverage in Pennsylvania and still want to receive benefits will have to go through the appeals process step-by-step. Read More

Unemployment Extension in Pennsylvania

“How can I extend unemployment in Pennsylvania when my benefits run out?” is a question that needs to be answered before unemployment applicants request additional funding. The process for how to get an unemployment extension is similar for every state, but it is a process that is not available all the time. Those interested in federal unemployment extensions must first review if the state is currently dispensing extra benefits. Read More